French manufacturer Triangle Electroacoustique is now being distributed by Audio Marketing, one result of which is that for the first time, Triangle's complete product range will now be available from specialist hi-fi dealers right around Australia.

One of Triangle's most popular loudspeaker ranges is its Esprit series, which comprises six models starting with the Titus EZ bookshelf model at $1,399 per pair and topping out with the floor-standing Gaia EZ (pictured right) which retail for $3,199 per pair. All models are available in Walnut, Gloss White or Gloss Black.

The Triangle Esprit Titus is a two-way, rear-ported bass reflex design that marries a 25mm horn-loaded titanium dome tweeter with a 133mm bass/midrange driver. The frequency response is rated at 55Hz to 22kHz (±3dB) and sensitivity at 90dBSPL/w/m. The speakers measure 168×267×305mm (WDH) and weigh 5.9kg each. The high-gloss versions retail for $1,699 and the walnut versions for $1,399 (RRP).

The top-line model in the Esprit series is the Gaia EZ, a four-driver three-way front-ported bass-reflex floor-stander. It uses two 133-mm diameter fibreglass-coned woofers to deliver bass, which cross to a single cellulose-pulp 133mm diameter midrange driver. The tweeter in the Gaia is a 25mm horn-loaded titanium dome type in which the horn is fitted with a phase plug. The Gaia's frequency response is spec'd as 47Hz to 22kHz (±3dB) and its sensitivity at 90dBSPL/w/m. Each speaker measures 168×276×980mm (WDH) and weighs 18kg. Per pair pricing is $3,699 (for high-gloss black or white) and $3,199 (walnut).