The SRS-5100 system and replaces both of the existing SRS-3170 and SRS-4170 systems.

This new system consists of the SR-L500 electrostatic earspeaker and the SRM-353X driver unit, and will sell for a RRP $2,999.

And now for the really good news. We still have a limited quality of the old series left to move on at heavily discounted prices:
• SRS-3170: (SR307 earspeaker/SRM323s driver unit) RRP: $2,149. Sell $1,569
• SRS-4170: (SR407 earspeaker/SRM006t driver unit) RRP: $3,147. Sell $2,289. This in particular represents excellent value. The SRM006t is a vacuum tube driver unit, and is a great sounding device. The driver unit in the new SRS-5100 package above is solid state.

The SRS-5100 System
As electrostatic design headphone the level of detail is quite stunning, as is their agility and musicality. A Stax system really does stand out from the crowd and is considered by many to offer the pinnacle of what is possible with a headphone system. We have a selection of Stax systems on demo so please feel free to come in to Len Wallis Audio to experience something that will change your perceptions of sound and take you back to the moment of creation.

SRS-5100 (SR-L500 + SRM-353X)
The first SR-Lambda series was introduced 36 years ago and it has further developed into a new-generation SR-Lambda with its newly designed enclosure - the new SR-L500 advanced Lambda series Earspeaker.

Hand selected thin-film diaphragm as well as tough stainless fixed electrodes has been employed for the SR-L500. Thus, rich deep bass response, delicate high frequency and soothing mid-range has been achieved in a balanced manner.

The headband (ARC) assembly of the SR-L500 is equipped with 10-click slider mechanism for head pad height adjustment adopted from SR-009 and SR-507. Once adjusted, the slider always maintains its optimal position to make readjustment unnecessary. This enables you to enjoy hours of pleasant music listening with utmost comfort.

High performance pure copper HiFC™ developed by Hitachi employs the core wires. HiFC has various advantages, including similar sonic characteristics as used in SR-009 and SR-L500 6N high purity 99.99999% copper wires. The entire cable are then arranged in a flat, wide format configuration to lower the capacitance between each wires and finished with the most suitable structure to drive the earspeaker.

New earpad design is carefully hand crafted with high quality synthetic leather for utmost comfort for hours of music enjoyment as well as sound performance.

Type: Push-pull electrostatic, oval sound element, rear open-air type enclosure
Frequency Response: 7-41,000Hz
Electrostatic Capacitance: 110pF (including attached cable)
Impedance: 145kOhms (including attached cable, at 10kHz)
Sound Pressure Sensitivity: 101dB / Input 100Vr.m.s. / 1kHz
Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 118dB / 400Hz
Bias Voltage: 580V DC
Ear Pad: High-Quality Artificial Leather
Cable: Parallel 6-strand, 2.5m full length, low-capacity special wide HiFC cable
Weight: 465g (including attached cable), 339g (without cable)

Why Electrostatic Heaphones?
Electrostatic headphones operate on a different principle than conventional "dynamic" or "moving coil" designs. In a conventional headphones there is a coil of wire inside a magnet, generally glued to a stiff cone or dome that's held in place with a springy suspension. This makes in more difficult to re-create detail in playback due to mass. Or to put simply there are more heavy moving parts.
Pioneered by Stax in 1959 – an electrostatic design works by placing a static (non-moving) electric charge on a film that floats between two perforated metal plates. When audio voltages are applied across the plates, static cling and repulsion causes the entire film to move by itself. This film is so thin, it effectively weighs less than the air around it, and has no resonances or energy storage which leads to distortion inherent in moving coil speakers.
These factors are one of many reasons why Stax electrostatic Headphones sound so much better than conventional designs. During play back the listener is experiencing minimal interference from the headphone speaker itself, in turn bringing you that much closer to the original artist's performance.

About the SRM-353X Energiser
The SRM-353X is the exclusive driver unit (amplifier) produced to drive STAX electrostatic Earspeaker headphones.

Carefully hand selected high quality parts of audio grade further improves tonal quality, and achieved wider frequency response from re-examination of circuitry. Newly added XLR input terminal enables connection of balanced outputs of audio equipment taking full advantage of its superior performance.

Original low noise dual FET at first stage as well as all stage direct coupling Class A DC amplifier configuration with no coupling capacitor has realized natural tone quality with large amount of information.
Further improved emitter follower at output stage has enabled wide range reproduction resulting in both the extended dynamic range at high frequency and improved over all tonal quality.
In addition to RCA input terminal, XLR balanced input terminal has been added to provide connection to wide range of audio equipment.
Custom made 2 axis 4 gang volume control
Extravagant non-magnetic aluminum alloy chassis
Components with little aging characteristics are hand selected for tonal quality and performance

Type : All-stage semiconductors, Low-noise dual FET input Class A operation, Pure balance DC amplifier configuration Earspeaker driver unit
Frequency Response : DC to 90,000Hz (with 1 SR-L series Earspeaker)
High Harmonic Distortion : Max 0.01% (1kHz at 100V r.m.s. with SR-L500)
Gain : 60dB (x1000)
Input Terminal 1 RCA with 1 RCA parallel out and XLR
Rated Input Level : 100mV / 100V Outputs
Max. Input Level : 30V (at minimum volume level)
Input Impedance : 50KO(RCA) 50KOx2(XLR)
Max. Output Voltage : 400V r.m.s. (1kHz)
Standard Bias Voltage : PRO 580V x 2
Power Voltage Frequency : 117V (50Hz / 60Hz)
Power Consumption : 30W
Temperature & Humidity : 0 to 35ºC / 90% max. without condensation
Dimensions : 149 (W) x 100 (H) x 360 (D) mm
Weight : 3kgs
Color : Silver