Starting with the M3Si integrated amplifier, we have reduced its price from $2,495 to $1,995 making it possibly one of the best buys in the industry. Moving up to the 200 watt M6Si integrated, it has been reduced from $4,995 to $3,995. Considering that the M6Si retails for £2,749 in the UK (A$4,870) this is exceptionally aggressive pricing.

It's not amplifiers that have been repriced. The M3CD CD player is also now $1,995, the excellent V90-LPS phono amplifier is $299 and the MX-DAC Digital to Analogue Converter is $1,299 – the full repriced list is as follows:

V90 Components
V90- Integrated Amplifier with DAC - RRP $399
V90-HPA : Headphone Amplifier with USB – RRP $399
V90-BHA Balanced Headphone Amplifier & MF200B – RRP $699
V90-LPS Phono Amplifier – RRP $299

LX & MX Series Components
LX-LPS: Dual Input MM/MC Phono Pre-amplifier – RRP $799
MX-HPA: Balanced Headphone Amplifier – RRP $1299
MX-DAC: Up sampling DSD Digital to Analogue Convertor – RRP $1299
MX-VYNL: Fully Balanced MM/MC Phono Pre-amp – RRP $1299

M3 & M5 Series Components
M3si: 85 Watt Integrated Amplifier – RRP $1995
M3sCD: CD Player – RRP $1995
M5si: 150 Watt Integrated Amplifier – RRP $2995

M6 Series Components
M6si: 220 Watt Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier - $3995
M6sCD: CD Player and DAC – RRP $3995
M6 Encore 225 Integrated Amp Streaming Music System – RRP $7995
M6 Encore Connect Music System – RRP $6495

The reason for the price positioning is due to a renewed focus on the brand. We are determined to establish Musical Fidelity as the go-to product in the Australian Mid-Fi to Hi-Fi arena. Given the quality of the product and its heritage, we strongly believe that the brand has huge potential at this re-positioned price point.

In the coming months we will continue to raise the profile of the brand on social media, industry websites and through other advertising endeavours to support the brand and elevate a broader customer awareness.