TRIANGLE, the French electro-acoustic system manufacturer has been designing, manufacturing and assembling high end loudspeakers in the town of Soissons, the cradle of the French monarchy.



STAX was found in 1938. In 1959 STAX developed the world’s first electrostatic headphone and introduced SR-1 in 1960. Today STAX continues their tradition by offering the finest headphones for both professional and audiophile applications. STAX prefers to all its headphones “EARSPEAKERS”; such Ultra-High Fidelity devices for reproducing music can only be compared with the best cost-no-object loudspeakers, not other headphones. The term ”EARSPEAKER” is therefore more descriptive of STAX’s contribution to today’s most advanced level of sonic transduction.


Peachtree Audio

The Peachtree Audio family of stereo integrated amplifiers, speakers and DACs all follow our modern sound design philosophy. Make it sound great, make it simple and make it beautiful. We achieve a unique balance of these qualities to offer what we believe are the best integrated amplifiers with DACs, headphone amps, power amps, speakers, and USB DACs for computer audio. A Peachtree stereo system complements any environment, whether it's used for desktop audio or as the HiFi in your living room. From our sustainably sourced wood cabinets to our signature triode tube buffer, the unique look and sound of a Peachtree is as easy on the eyes as it is to your ears.



Soundstyle have been designing and manufacturing dedicated Hi-fi and Home Cinema furniture for nearly thirty years.
Over the decades their products have evolved to perfectly match both the technical requirements and style aspirations of the discerning.

Some things however, remain constant. The outstanding strength, finish and safety of their furniture have been acclaimed from the very first day and will never be compromised.
The individual ranges of furniture and equipment mounts shown in this catalogue offer many different styles and specifications.

Rest assured great performance, value and quality are built into each one.


Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity has been designing and manufacturing Hi-Fi electronics for over thirty years and have become one of the best-known brands in the Hi-Fi industry.



Krell Industries, LLC designs and manufactures high performance audio and video equipment for serious music enthusiasts and home theatre aficionados. Every Krell component is a unique synthesis of science and art. Recorded performances are, by their very nature, works born of passion. Our goal is to bring that passion to life in your home. From source to loudspeakers, Krell components reproduce the definitive music and home theatre experience based on the principles of innovative engineering, impeccable build quality, and unerring accuracy in sonic reproduction.



Milty products have evolved and refined over time resulting in truly fantastic products.
Through thoughtful design and intuitive handling, all Milty products Enhance and sustain the performance of your equipment with our easy cleaning solution.



Goldring has developed a reputation as one of the world's leading cartridge and accessory manufacturers for turntables. Established in 1906, only three years after the Wright brothers' historic first flight, Goldring has been bringing the joy of great music into people's homes for over 100 years. Goldring is an integral part of the Home Electronics Division of Armour Group PLC - holder of the coveted AIM Listed Company of the Year Award, 2004. Armour Home Electronics is one of the largest independent manufacturers and distributors of turntable and cartridge products in Europe.


Berkeley AD

Berkeley Audio Design was formed with the goal of making that level of fidelity available to music lovers and audiophiles everywhere. The new Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference Series, the Alpha DAC Series 2 and the Alpha USB represent major achievements towards that goal. High resolution 88.2kHz to 192kHz, non-DRM recordings are available on optical disk and by download from labels such as Reference Recordings' HRx and others that are identical to the original 24-bit masters.



Axis speakers exhibit superlative craftsmanship with exceptional build quality all in the service of music. We believe Axis loudspeakers are accurate instruments with an absolute dedication to realistic music reproduction… and reviewers and critics around the world wholeheartedly agree. Axis Loudspeakers products encompass the love of music and fervent passion of the designers. John Reilly and Brad Serhan have skilfully voiced the speakers to satisfy the most demanding listener – whether audiophile, music lover or professional sound engineer.